Bring Life to your Forms

No Server Code Required, Just add Form Action url and we'll handle the rest.

Form Handling made easy with unoForms

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Setup is simple, no installation required. Just add form url to <Form> Action

Smart Dashboard

Smart Dashboard

With a Smart and Interactive Dashboard, your can get more insights out of your data

Full Data Access

Full Data Access

With unoForms, you own your data fully. You can export your data into any format you want.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

unoForms provides you with integrations and triggers that you can setup for specific events

Spam Filtering

Spam Filtering

Using AI, we flag potential spam responses, to make your life easy.

Full Control

Full Control

Configure what happens after a form is submitted. With Custom Response Screens or Redirect to a preferred url.

We are in BETA

To get access to unoForms, join the Waitlist. Access will be provided within 24 hours or less

You might have Questions, we might have already Answered.

What is unoForms?

unoForms is a form handling service that provides frontend and app developers, with API access to POST form data, and they can manage the data in the unoForms Dashboard

How to use unoForms?

Once you login and create a form, we provide you with a url, which you should add to your <form> tag's action attribute and set the method attribute to post. After that we'll handle the rest.

Is unoForms Free?

unoForms has both free and paid plans. You can get started in the Free Tier but then if you wish to unlock more features, upgrade to the paid plan.

Do you sell my data?

We at unoForms value data privacy more than anything, and that's why we do not sell your data.

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₹0 /month

  • 200 form responses per month
  • Add 1 team member
  • No custom integrations

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₹499 /month

  • 1000 form responses per month
  • Add up to 5 team members
  • Custom integrations with third-party services
  • ...and More
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